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It is important to watch all the videos on this page in their entirety to learn the techniques needed to apply and remove our revolutionary lashes so that you don't damage them.


A quicker, convenient mess-free alternative to strip lashes or lash extensions.


With the magnetic clamp included in the kit, you simply clip these lashes together at the base of your eyelashes and go! That's it!

No messy or runny eyeliners to deal with, no waiting for glue to dry, no irritation, and most importantly no scrubbing your eye to death just to get eyeliner or glue OFF! And the best part is because they're magnetic, you can re-use them several times.

It may take you a few attempts to get applying them just right but hopefully, these tutorials will help make the application and removal process easier and quicker for you!


Quicker and easier to apply!


No irritation and lasts for hours allowing for repetitive use! 


Whether you're going from the gym to the office, these lashes are perfect for the busy woman on the go!

Are you ready to ditch your eyeliner and lash glue?

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I hope these lashes solve all
your problems like they did for me! 

This is a product that I have developed and am continuing to develop and improve. All
feedback is appreciated so I can make my next batch of lash styles even better in all aspects!

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