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Intensive Apprentice Course


Imagine if you were able to change your life as you know it even if you're asking yourself these questions.....


What if Im not sure what to do? 


What if I don't even know where to start?


What if I'm feeling completely overwhelmed?


Do any of these sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, don't worry- you're not alone! I can help you get from where you are now to having a life and career you love!


You know that you need to make a change and that a mentor is the first step in getting the help you need. Well, I learnt this lesson the hard way....

In 2017 microblading was so new that it was very difficult to find a quality mentorship program even though a 6 month apprenticeship program is required in Nevada. I struggled to find a mentor and picked the first trainer I found. 

The trainer had me practice in her shop with no formal training while she was with clients with no guidance as to if I was doing the technique properly. I practiced for hours with no knowledge about the technique or tools I was using. After my 6 months were up I looked at all of my practice work and felt completely defeated and discouraged! On top of that I was in no way confident to even begin taking clients.

I was desperate for change so I decided to look for continued education.

When I found a continued education program that actually broke down a few tips and tricks it was a GAME CHANGER.

I then went and received in person guidance from this artist and realized had I found a trainer who took their time to guide and mentor me I would have saved myself all the frustration I went through .

You Don't Have To Figure It Out Alone!

If you are not sure where to start or what to do and want to save yourself the frustration and overwhelm that comes with starting a new career you need to seek help from those who have been in your shoes! I am thankful for this experience because now I have all the tools and knowledge so that I can coach and mentor other artists to be confident in their craft!

I'm Ready to get started!

So how is this apprenticeship course different?

Look, I know you may have a busy schedule and you're feeling completely overwhelmed, I also know that you need change so I promise that everything I teach will be useful and valuable to you and your career.


I'll give you step-by-step processes, done-for-you scripts, and targeted resources to get results as quickly as possible.


I want to share my experience with you. I've already been on the journey you're about to begin and I've got a proven strategy to help you get to where you want to be. 


With my 6 Month Intensive Apprenticeship Course you'll get

This is Exactly What I Need!



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