Are you wondering what is needed to become a licensed permanent makeup artist?


In this guide, you'll find my top tips and advice on how to find the best training for you and what is needed to become certified in your area.


I'm sharing these tips with you because I've done all the trial and error for you!


I want you to avoid making the same mistakes I made at the beginning of my career. Mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars!

I know that these tips will help guide you in the right direction because I've made the mistakes and had the successes that brought me here - sharing this information with you!

 This guide isn't going to teach you exactly how to do it all. But it's going to give you the starting points you need to start that fulfilling career as a permanent makeup artist that you and I both know that you're capable of becoming.

Are you ready to get one step closer to becoming a licensed microblading artist?