My name is Jasmin Rivera, owner of Aesthetic Drip PMU Studio & Academy. My permanent makeup studio is a place where creativity, art, and passion meet. I enjoy helping aspiring artists perfect their craft by offering beginner and advanced courses in the art of permanent makeup utilizing anything from single-day intensives to six-month apprenticeships in order to earn your certification. Theoretical and practical skills will be taught to ensure your confidence and proficiency. The knowledge you will learn in my courses will prepare you for this highly profitable and exciting industry!  Permanent makeup is my passion, and I can't wait to show you everything I know!

Can I really make 6 figures doing brows with no prior experience?

How do I know what microblading course is right for me?

I have such a crazy schedule, Im not sure if I'll have time for this.


Are you finding yourself asking these questions?

I've been there, I remember living paycheck to paycheck to now owning my own microblading studio and academy. I struggled to find a decent microblading training in 2017 and ended up picking the wrong choice for my first fundamentals training that cost me sooo much money! Now with so many techniques out there it can definitely be overwhelming. I am so grateful for my experiences along the way because now I know how to help other beginner or advanced artists along the way! I know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to permanent make up training and that to be a successful microblading artist you need someone whose been there to guide you along your journey! This is exactly why I created my academy! All of my courses are catered with your success in mind!  

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Beginners Hybrid Training Courses

Learn the fundamental techniques needed to create 4 different styles of permanent makeup eyebrows and more!

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Advanced Workshops

Fully customized workshops for certified artists who are not yet feeling confident or artists looking to advance their microblading/shading skills in person with me!

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Intensive Apprenticeship/Mentorship Programs

Students will learn salon etiquette, earn while they learn, build their portfolio and be fully prepared to take on their own clients.

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Not sure what course is best for you?

Picking the right training is the key to success and I want to make sure you feel confident taking the right path, id love to offer you a complimentary clarity call to go over your goals and identify what course is best for you!

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